Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Minor Challenge

     I am at the end of week five of my internship.  These weeks seem to be passing so quickly!  Arriving at the Health Leads Office at 9:00, I began triage.  Although I feel more comfortable than previous weeks, there is always that initial nervousness making the first call to clients.  During those initial 30 minutes of triage, I was unable to get in contact with anyone.  This can be frustrating and discouraging.  I want to help, but if I am unable to contact clients, there is little else I can do.  
     I spent the remainder of my time at the Health Leads Office reaching out to each of my clients.  This week I encountered a minor impediment.  One of my clients informed me that my referral to an office, which would assist the client with health insurance, was not effective.  My client had contacted the number I provided, but the client had not heard back.  I felt terrible.  I took the initiative to call the office myself.  I, too had no luck.  Hopefully, when I return to the Health Leads Office this Monday, I will hear back from them.  This is disheartening.  The client took my advice and gave the office a call, but it did not work.  Yet, I remain positive and determined to find another alternative referral for my client.  
     Although it is always great to see progress and success, I think it is important to acknowledge setbacks, as well.  This week I definitely encountered a challenge.  This is okay.  I am confident that my next blog will encompass a more positive experience and demonstrate growth as a Health Leads Advocate.   

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” 


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